Sam Counihan grew up playing guitar in Melbourne high school bands which fostered his early love for guitar pedals and audio effects in general. Discovering MPCs in his late teens, a new passion for electronic music quickly fostered and then - acid techno.


The late 1990s found Sammy practicing DJ sets at his local 2nd hand synth store (who could afford turntables?) which established the foundation for a long career in the MI industry, eventually landing him in Berlin working for Ableton first as International Sales Manager and later as Business Development Manager.


With 20 odd years of experience playing records and relentlessly buying and selling studio gear, alongside his passion for design, clean workflows, and beautiful solutions, Do The Thing is the working alias for his current creative projects and freelance work. 


Sam offers a range of consulting and design services for the MI industry and tech startups. Services include Electronic Musical Instrument product design, business growth and strategy, market and community development.